10852 Autoblow A.I. Vagina Sleeve

RRP: € 51,99

Autoblow A.I.’s interchangeable sleeve system lets you turn your blowjob machine into a sex machine by simply swapping sleeves. Put in this vagina sleeve, turn on your favorite video, and enjoy the uniquely patterned internal texture while the Autoblow does its job. All Autoblow A.I. sleeves are fully silicone, which means they feel just like flesh. They are also non-porous, completely odorless, and will last a very long time. Autoblow A.I. is the only sex toy for men utilizing 100% silicone sleeves and you’ll notice the life-like difference immediately. Enjoy!

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Brandname Autoblow
ColorSizeEAN barcode
Light skin tone_704751344931
Brown skin tone_704751344962

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