11008 Juke​

RRP: € 24,99
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ROMP Juke is an ultra-flexible penis ring with a secure fit. Intense vibrations stimulate you both and the ring’s intimate grip gently strengthens your erection too. So the fun doesn’t end too soon! ROMP Juke: This cock ring makes women happy as well. When it comes to sex toys for men, penis rings are among the most common. A harder and longer-lasting erection and particularly intense orgasms – this toy has a lot to offer its wearer. But with modern versions such as ROMP Juke, the partner also can enjoy the fun.

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Brandname ROMP
About the brand Ready to Romp! Sexual satisfaction comes in all shapes and sizes and ROMP embraces every single one of them. By making sex toys available to everyone, we‘re helping people explore their curiosity with confidence. ROMP’s products are carefully designed to meet the highest standards, all while retaining a fun and fresh vibe. Why choose ROMP? Quality and Technology from leading sex toy manufacturer | Pleasure Air Technology by Womanizer | Young target group – grow them into buying more | Entry level product, cover the lower price segment | Colorful – ROMP stands out.
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