11122 Attachments Personal Massager

RRP: € 24,99
Sales restrictions: It is NOT allowed to sell XOCOON products on the internet via Amazon, eBay or any other online trading platform. This also includes Vendor accounts of such trading platforms. It is only allowed to sell XOCOON direct to end-consumers within Europe.

Customize your pleasure experience with the Silicone Attachment, designed to use with the XOCOON Personal Massager. The interchangeable attachments create more pleasure, more versatility and more mind-blowing satisfaction. Made of 100% silicone with a soft and silky smooth touch.

The rounded and flexible neck is perfect for mind-blowing G-spot stimulation. While the fingertip design is perfect to stimulate the nipples and clitoris, but also for massaging smaller muscles, like in hands and feet.

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Brandname XOCOON
About the brand Live, love, play… together! Xocoon sex toys are designed specifically for couples that want to bring an extra dimension to the foreplay or sex. With bringing a thrill of simultaneous pleasure and the inevitable climax for couples, Xocoon will easily persuade any couple to retreat and spend time together with undisturbed and uninhibited 'Xocooning’.
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