33521 Plunging Pete Corona Strap

RRP: € 79,99

The Mystim Plunging Pete is bipolar corona strap with a 24K gold-plated urethral sound (Ø 4 mm, 35 mm long) anked by two golden balls, which serve to create an extremely concentrated, tingling or pulsating stimulation – because, where the gold touches the skin, the stimulation is bundled, making it particularly intense. Plunging Pete consists of 100% medical-grade platinum silicone and is continuously adjustable in size. To activate the poles, you need an electrical stimulator device. Including electrode cables. • 1 Mystim Plunging Pete penis head loop with 24K gold-plated urethral sound and 2 gold-plated balls • 1 electrode cable for Mystim electric stimulation devices • 1 user handbook • 1 classy metal case

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Brandname MyStim
About the brand Mystim has a thrilling collection of electrostimulation toys that will literally electrify your senses with pure pleasure. The popular brand offers a great range of premium quality designs. This includes naughty penile probes and cock rings, tantalizing e-stim vibrators, kinky cock cages for fetish lovers and much more. Made of premium materials and with great instructions, Mystim is the perfect introduction to the world of electro play and will take you on a sensational journey of intimate discovery.
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