90333 Ero Marathon Men Drops 30ml

RRP: € 15,99

Long Power MARATHON Drops Men For more endurance. The special composition of natural extract and L-Argenine + Guarana + maltodextrin increase the endurance and stamina of the man! To achieve the wished results, it is advisable to take these drops regularly over a longer period. You can take these drops but also just before the desired effect.

509 - NaturalAqua (Water), Alcohol (Ethanole), Ascorbic Acid, 1% Glycyrrhiza Root Extract, 1% L- Arginine, 0,2% Guarana Extract, Polysorbate 20
Brandname HOT
Label Ero
About the brand HOT sells high quality personal care products and stimulating nutritional supplements.
Former Scala number
509 - Natural3100004053
ColorSizeEAN barcode

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