96405 Billy Boy Gefulsintensiv 5X12

RRP: EUR 63,99

Billy Boy Gefulsintensiv 5X12

Brandname Billy Boy
About the brand BILLY BOY, Germany’s #1 condom brand, is an excitingly different condom, ensures undisputed reliability and safety with uncompromised performance in the bedroom and beyond. With in-house manufacturing and design, BILLY BOY products are the pinnacle of German engineering and innovation. BILLY BOY condoms are hand-dipped using 100% superior natural latex, and are rigorously tested to meet stringent German quality standards while delivering superior performance. With a full range of condoms, novelty toys, and sexual lubricants, BILLY BOY is ready to exceed his and her love-play expectations.
Former Scala number
509 - Natural3500000910
509 - Natural4008600227380