33511 Mystim Rodeo Robin

RRP: EUR 34,80

Howdy Cowboy – ready for that legendary ride on the razor blade? With Rodeo Robin you get that tingly pleasure with quite a sharp edge. That would suit you, wouldn’t it? Those two slim, bi-polar penis-testicle-straps are extra-long and infinitely variable, so they fit any size … even yours. Feel free to choose whether you want them on the rocks, tacked to the knob or wrapped around the shaft of your tool – and then have them tightened mercilessly. Your lashed down family jewels are always such a fun to watch – especially your futile attempts to get out of that tight spot. Yee-haw! Specifications: Eccentric set of penis straps with e-stim | Diameter Individually adjustable by pulling and pinning the ends | Straps are infinitely variable | Fits perfectly around the glans respectively root of penis or testicles. Technical details: Type: e-stim set of penis straps | 2 poles (bi-polar) | Electrical cords included | Device needed | Connection via Mystim plug and a 2 mm socket | Instructions in GER, ENG, FRA, ITA, ESP, NL, and RUS.

Brandname Mystim
About the brand Mystim has a thrilling collection of electrostimulation toys that will literally electrify your senses with pure pleasure. The popular brand offers a great range of premium quality designs. This includes naughty penile probes and cock rings, tantalizing e-stim vibrators, kinky cock cages for fetish lovers and much more. Made of premium materials and with great instructions, Mystim is the perfect introduction to the world of electro play and will take you on a sensational journey of intimate discovery.
Former Scala number
BLACK - Black3000007869
BLACK - Black4260152465805