33511 Mystim Rodeo Robin

RRP: € 34,80

This strap set is perfectly suitable for an especially intense stimulation and provokes tingly, sensuous pleasures which can either lead you quickly to the most unexpected heights, or can be enjoyed for hours. Thanks to the fact that the straps are adjustable they can comfortably be sheathed, and afterwards adapted so that they are tight to the glans respectively root of penis or ballbag. · Toy for stimulation current units · Strap set for penis and/or testicles · Suitable for all Mystim stimulators

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Brandname MyStim
About the brand Mystim has a thrilling collection of electrostimulation toys that will literally electrify your senses with pure pleasure. The popular brand offers a great range of premium quality designs. This includes naughty penile probes and cock rings, tantalizing e-stim vibrators, kinky cock cages for fetish lovers and much more. Made of premium materials and with great instructions, Mystim is the perfect introduction to the world of electro play and will take you on a sensational journey of intimate discovery.
Former Scala number
BLACK - Black3000007869
BLACK - Black4260152465805