38551 Kamasutra Poker Game

RRP: € 19,99

With Kama Sutra Poker Game you are not going to win mountains of money but exciting and erotic moments full of passion. The game begins with the strip tease round, which is only the start of your erotic adventure that ends in pure pleasure in the ecstasy round. You can influence the sexual action in the game immediately by folding, raising or bluffing at the right moments. Kama Sutra Poker Game is a perfect game for 2, but additional players could provide some more excitement and fireworks, we will leave the challenge up to you. Never before has a poker game been so exciting! Content • Game rules, 48 chips and 52 cards

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Brandname Tease and Please
About the brand Tease and Please believes that openness in contact brings relationships out of the everyday routine and therefore enriches life. These games inspire people to become acquainted and open with each other in a playful manner.
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