91057 Penis Size Caps 60 pcs

RRP: € 31,00

The ingredients of Penis Size Caps work on different levels: First, the blood flow to the penis is increased. Further ginseng and lovage, two powerful plants, improve sexual potency and enhance the erectile function. You will see the first results after 3 months, regain vigorous physical energy and have larger, more powerful erections. Penis Size Caps contains the following active ingredients: Black pepper increases blood flow to the penis and promotes dilation of the vessels on the sexual organs, which increases the swelling of the penis during erection. | Melilot increases the blood flow in the penis and improves your erection. | Lovage has strengthening and toning effects. | Ginseng can help to improve erection. | Boswellia improves blood circulation and therefore the erectile function.

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Brandname Labophyto
About the brand Labophyto is a trusted and well-known manufacturer of food supplements and cosmetics dedicated to your sexual well-being and pleasure, for both men and women. Whether you are looking to increase your sexual desire, make the pleasure last longer or explore new sexual fantasies, Labophyto is there to guide you. Labophyto offers a wide range of innovative products for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their sexuality with the help of natural ingredients and products, without any side effects.
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