94518 Sweet Snow Body Powder 225gr

RRP: € 32,89

SWEET SNOW Body Powder Turn your partner into a succulent dessert by sprinkling this exciting edible body powder all over your partner’s body. Then use the fluffy feather to tease the skin and make him or her shudder all over. • Exciting Raspberry flavour • Sugar-free & Gluten-free • Drying properties • Natural feather included

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Brandname SHUNGA
About the brand Shunga knows that love making is an art and has therefore created many seductive products to help you paint your way to intimate pleasure. Indulge your senses with one of the luxurious Shunga massage candles or massage oils, scented with delicious fragrances such as Strawberry Wine or Green Tea. The Shunga collection also includes special love oils, sexual enhancing creams and lotions, bath powders and oral arousal products. All products come with beautiful oriental-inspired artwork and will liven up your love life with their unique, indulgent formulas.
Former Scala number
500 - Raspberry3100002758
504 - Cherry3100002757
506 - Exotic3100002759
550 - Honey3100002760
500 - Raspberry697309030014
504 - Cherry697309030007
506 - Exotic697309030021
550 - Honey697309030038