96700 Come In Lubricant 100ml

RRP: € 9,99

The come in lubricating gel is suitable for use with all erotic and partner massage methods. An excellent lubricant for a long kneading and stroking massage of the outside genital area, resulting in an erotic effect. As a supporting measure when suffering from a poor libido. Agreeable care product with Aloe Vera for tired and strained genitals, after too much sex for example. To use by too dry vagina.

Brandname Inverma
About the brand The traditional company INVERMA which is run by the second generation is located nearby Hamburg and well known for its sexual brand products all over the world. It occupies a leading position in the international ranking. The range of products contains water- and siliconebased lubricants (come in lubricant with Aloe Vera or come in Glide-Oil silicone), excellently caring intimate cosmetics for men and women and pleasing wellness massage products. All INVERMA-products are produced and controlled according to modern quality standards. Starting with the selection of the ingredients and their qualtity control to make sure that the consumer can buy effective sexual products of high quality. Especially concerning safety of use the INVERMA-products meet the highest requirements. All products are tested dermatologically “very good” and proven for decades.
Former Scala number
509 - Natural3100002676
ColorSizeEAN barcode

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