The Show Must Go On

The Show Must Go On

Looking for ways to maximize your sales profits in these challenging times? 
Then get ready for SCALA’s special ‘Show Must Go On’ promotion this October! 
This limited-time promotional period is the ideal opportunity to score premium products 
at extra-attractive pricing, enabling you to take advantage of better sales margins on 
big-name brands. Instead of just 3 days of offers, as you would normally find at Erofame, you get 4 weeks of deals*.
The Show Must Go On promotion at SCALA will run for 4 weeks in October 2020. 
Each week, selected labels and brands will be on offer with 10% discount*. 
Take advantage of the special, limited time ‘Show Must Go On’ promotion at SCALA this October, and profit from 10% off* your favorite brands. The labels that are on offer change weekly, so make sure to re-visit this profitable promotion frequently!
 * The discount only applies to online orders placed via our website:

The Lottery

All orders placed at SCALA in October are automatically entered in our special ‘Show Must Go On’ prize draw. At the end of the promotional period, winners will be drawn at random and receive a prize-package filled with best-selling SCALA products and exclusive brands. All winners will be announced in November.

Win grand prizes:

  • 1x CalExotics prize-package (retail value €1250)
    3x CalExotics prize-package (retail value €700)
  • 1x We-Vibe prize-package (retail value €1000)
    2x We-Vibe prize-package (retail value €500)
  • 2x Pipedream prize-package (retail value €440)
  • 5x Pipedream prize-package (retail value €370)
  • 1x TOYJOY SeXentials prize-package (retail value €550)
  • 1x TOYJOY SILK + NEW items prize-package (retail value €400)
  • 1x TOYJOY Get Real Dual Density prize-package (retail value €380)
  • 1x TOYJOY Glass Worxx prize-package (retail value €340)
  • 1x TOYJOY SMILE + NEW items prize-package (retail value €255)
  • 1x TOYJOY TOYJOY Get Real Silicone NEW items prize-package (retail value €245)
  • 1x Bathmate prize-package (retail value €500)
  • 1x Pillow Talk prize-package (retail value €425)
  • 2x Happy Diva prize-package (retail value €850)
  • 2x PRIVATE prize-package (retail value €830)
  • 2x Bangers by Hidden Desire prize-package (retail value €500)
  • 2x NS Novelties prize-package (retail value €480)
  • 2x HunkyJunk prize-package (retail value €390)
  • 2x S8 Stimul8 prize-package (retail value €255)
  • 3x Gvibe prize-package (retail value €100)
  • 5x Doc Johnson prize-package (retail value €100)

Place an order online and enter the draw automatically!