10765 PRIVATE Turbo Stroker

RRP: € 79,95
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The PRIVATE Turbo Stroker is a sensational automated masturbator, ready to take you on the ride of your life. This state-of-the-art design is designed to deliver the ultimate stroking and pulsing satisfaction. Featuring a comfortable ergonomic grip, it is a premium choice in pleasurable satisfaction. The PRIVATE Turbo Stroker features 6 thrilling vibration modes and 3 mind-blowing pulse settings: allowing for endless versatility during your sessions of play. This innovative automatic stroker also comes with a special warming function, allowing you to heat things up if you wish. The design is USB-rechargeable via a magnetic charging point, making replacement batteries a thing of the past. Convenient, pleasurable, and durable: it sets a gold standard. The PRIVATE Turbo Stroker isn’t solely pleasurable but can also be used as a sexual wellness aid for men with erection difficulties, or by those that want to maximize their erectile potential. The design’s oscillations and vibrations are applied in a specific way that helps stimulate blood flow and arousal, which in turn may provide extra erectile support and improve sexual stamina. Whether you use it for fun, or to boost your intimate health, the PRIVATE Turbo Stroker takes care of all the ‘hard’ work for you!

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Brandname PRIVATE
About the brand PRIVATE is a worldwide leader in premium-quality adult entertainment, with sexy content since 1965. From vintage-classics made in the 60s to present-day, modern blockbusters. With introducing high standard masturbation toys, you can not only watch her in PRIVATE but you can also enjoy her in the flesh with your personal PRIVATE masturbator. A PRIVATE masturbator offers unlimited pleasure, body-safe and discreet, right in the palm of your hand.
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