17158 Avantgarde Blindfold

RRP: € 15,99
Sales restrictions: It is NOT allowed to sell TABOOM products on the internet via Amazon, eBay or any other online trading platform. This also includes Vendor accounts of such trading platforms. It is only allowed to sell TABOOM direct to end-consumers within Europe.

The TABOOM AVANTGARDE BLINDFOLD is designed to experience full darkness. It offers exciting and erotic moments with your partner and it’s certainly a must-have to your BDSM collection. It’s proven that when your vision is limited all your other senses are intensified. So, get imaginative, creative and experiment with endless possibilities on how to tease and arouse your partner. Get ready to reach new sensational heights with the luxurious TABOOM AVANTGARDE BLINDFOLD.

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Brandname Taboom
Label Bondage in Luxury
About the brand TABOOM combines high quality products and fashionable items in all price ranges to make BDSM play part of the everyday lifestyle. Every kinky lover is a potential TABOOM customer. Whether they stand at the beginning of their sexual journey or are already more experienced in the world of BDSM, with 4 different labels there is always something stimulating to discover. Because of the luxurious and stylish look & feel of all TABOOM products items, it is the perfect gift to give pleasure. TABOOM is suitable for every budget, every occasion and every adventure.
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